Cauz is a unique clothing brand started by Rob Lyon after a near death experience lead him to start something that has real purpose.

During the terror attack on Westminster bridge in 2017, 5 innocent people were killed and 50 others seriously injured, but miraculously Rob was able to return to his family without a scratch.
The trauma of that day still haunts Rob, but he has been driven to turn the terrifying negative into a positive to help others and improve the world his children will grow up in. Having passionately worked for charities in his career , Rob new the challenges they face to raise funds and awareness for their causes. Rob began to contemplate his desire to create something bigger than himself, something that would move others. With his new fashion enterprise, Rob felt he could build a brand that would help fantastic causes and change the world.

How We Help 

£5 from every single sale is shared equally between our fabulous charities.

Kicks CountRays of SunshineHarambee Schools Kenya

We support these three wonderful charities from every purchase you make. Together we can reduce shockingly high still birth rates, grant wishes for seriously ill children, and provide education and food for some of the poorest children in Kenya. 


Founder Rob Lyon's first thought when he decided he wanted to do his part to make the world a better place was to set up and run a charity.

But being reliant on others for donations and pledges, Rob felt he could not guarantee sustained funding for the charities that deserved so much. Equally how could he choose one single cause when so many were deserving of help. Instead by creating a fashion brand with purpose he would be able not only to give back to many good causes through funding and followers, but also reward customers with a product they would love to own, and would want to encourage others to do the same. We strive to create a generation of generosity who can look great, feel great, and do something great from a simple purchase. 

Purchase an item of fantastic Cauz clothing and we'll add £5 into the Cauz fund. All we ask is that you follow Cauz and our charity partners across social media and learn about the fantastic work you are supporting. We'll keep you updated on how your purchase has improved lives and helped change the world.


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