Anyone Else Need an Escape From Coronavirus News?

Yesterday we shot some new content and I realised how important the creative process is. Being a two man team we design the products , build the website, pack each order, do the customer service, and everything else required to keep a little business going.

It's been a world of admin recently, but yesterday I was able to get my creative juices flowing and I loved it. 

With all the panic going on at the moment, losing myself in the creative process was just what I needed. I also turned off the radio as I can't seem to escape the round the clock coronavirus coverage. It's undoubtedly a scary time, and absorbing all the news was starting to make me feel anxious. Today I've been busy editing the footage and listening to desert island discs podcasts, and i can't tell you how much better i feel. We should all follow the advice, but i believe living and breathing every second of the pandemic is unhealthy, and we are starting to lose sight of reality. Give yourself a break from the crisis tonight. Watch a family movie, read a book, and perhaps leave the news alone. It worked wonders for me.

What podcasts do you guys recommend to lighten the mood?

Here's a snippet from the video editing 😊

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